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E-learning training: Course on Airport Management


The objective of the Course on Airport Management is to train our students to occupy managerial positions in airports, airlines, as well as in companies associated with airports and aviation in general (commercial concessionaires, air navigation service providers, manufacturers of the aeronautical industry, construction companies, etc.), handling companies, security companies, maintenance companies, equipment supply companies, etc.

In this course the students will learn, among other subjects, airport infrastructure, airport maintenance, management of land side-air side operations, safety, environmental management, etc., and will gain knowledge in airport business and its impact on the country’s economic growth, as well as its support to other sectors. The students will also be able to identify the different models of airport management that currently exist worldwide, as well as its main characteristics.

Regarding the professional opportunities of this course, we could group the different air transport companies into the following areas: airport managers, airlines, companies specialized in air navigation management, aircraft manufacturers, law firms expert in air law and client or supplier companies of all of the above.

Each existing air transport company is a source of employment in aeronautical and airport management. And all of them have diverse and appropriate departments according to the previous training: Operations, Maintenance, Pricing, Revenue Management, Network Strategy Planning, Systems, Quality Control, etc.

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