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Master in Airport and Aeronautical Safety Management


Safety and security in global air transport is one of the sector’s own strategic objectives.

Every day, more efforts are made to improve aviation safety outcomes through coordinated activities such as monitoring of key safety indicators and trends, safety analysis, policy and standardization initiatives, implementation of programs to address security issues, etc.

With this master’s degree, the student will undoubtedly obtain comprehensive training in safety in the aeronautical and airport sector, since, among many other topics, subjects such as Fundamental Aeronautical Concepts, Aircraft Safety, Safety regulations and legislation, Airport security, Human Factors and CRM, Security for Ground Operations, AVSEC (Annex 14, Annex 17…), SMS, as well as specific management training.

This master’s degree is highly recommended for those executives in the air transport sector whose functions are closely linked to safety and security management, management and leadership of human teams, financial management, as well as quality management and control.

As a complement to the theoretical training, the student must conclude the postgraduate course by preparing a final thesis on a topic related to safety/security in the aeronautical and airport sector and especially its management.

The e-learning methodology used is typical of ITAérea, in which live sessions and availability of access to the academic campus are offered 24 hours a day in the time frame that best suits the student.

Development of professional skills

Students will be provided with the necessary tools and knowledge to take into account the organisation’s specific structures and processes related to safety and security within the air transport.

This program offers its students the opportunity to know in detail the four pillars or components of an effective safety management system: policy and objectives, safety risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion.

Opinions of our students

Student profile:

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • University graduates or non-graduates professionals of the aeronautical and airport sector.
  • Required English level: at least B2.


600 hours.


E-learning. Registration period open for: 2024-2025.

Features of the master's degree:

  • Live sessions with the teachers via Zoom.
  • Updated and international contents.
  • Periodic monitoring and control: The academic department carries out a periodic monitoring of the student and prepares situation reports.
  • Evaluation exams. Through which the students will demonstrate what they have learned.
  • Job bank management.
  • Students will obtain the Master in Airport and Aeronautical Safety Management master’s degree, issued by ITAérea Aeronautical Business School.
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