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Business School specialized in Airport and Aeronautical Management

ITAérea is the first business school worldwide specialized in airport and aeronautical management in terms of number of students, headquarters and professors and official Accredited Training Partner of ACI WORLD.

ITAérea is a strategic partner of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) aiming to foster the development of training for worldwide managers of the air transport sector.

It is also the main training provider for managers in the Latin American Region of Airports Council International (ACI-LAC). ITAérea is also World Business Partner of the European Region of Airports Council International (ACI-EUROPE).

It also offers university degrees thanks to the agreement signed with the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA).



ACI WORLD Accredited Training Partner

The accreditation of ITAérea as a training partner of ACI WORLD represents the recognition and enhancement of the School's good work in accordance with the highest quality standards in airport training, using the latest technologies and in line with the best practices of airport and aeronautical management.

Given the international nature of ACI WORLD and ITAérea, there are many synergies that these two institutions can take advantage of for mutual benefit. For its part, ITAérea provides training in Portuguese, Spanish and English throughout the world and ACI WORLD is the institution that groups and represents all the airports in the world, these being close to 2,000 in 176 countries.

With this global alliance, ITAérea has not only taken another step in its strategic projection, but also provides all its students, present and future, with a package of resources, international contacts and opportunities that will help enhance their careers at the highest level.

As seen on the image, the General Director of ITAérea, José Ignacio Escudero was handed the recognition by the General Director of ACI WORLD, Luis Felipe de Oliveira and the Director of Training of ACI WORLD, Dimitri Coll.

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ITAérea Partnership - UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) (UN)

ITAérea Aeronautical Business School, CIFAL Mérida (International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Mérida) and UNITAR (the United Nations Institute for Training and Research) signed a trilateral agreement in November 2017 at the UN Palace of Nations in Geneva. The goal of this agreement is to develop a comprehensive training on air transport by fulfilling the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

UNITAR joined a partnership whose historical background is a clear proof of the strong and fruitful relationship between ITAérea and CIFAL Mérida. The training programme for managers of the air transport sector is this partnership’s keystone since thanks to the agreement signed in 2013, 1808 professionals of the airport sector across Latin America have been trained so far.

The signing ceremony for the extension of the collaboration agreement between ITAérea Business School, UNITAR and CIFAL Mérida which was signed in Geneva took place on 16th May 2018 at the ITAérea headquarters in Madrid. 16 CIFAL centres in El Salvador, Quito, Atlanta, Curitiba, Argentina, Algeria, Madrid, Zurich, Belgium, Poland, South Korea, Shanghai, Philippines and Australia will have access to ITAerea’s online training and will be able to certify the skills acquired and therefore, the industry’s sustainable growth will be supported and every sector involved will benefit from it.

10 years after that historic year 2013, on November 6, 2023, the alliance between ITAérea, UNITAR and CIFAL Mérida was renewed through the signing in Miami of the agreement to expand the collaboration.


Our school global environment

  • Interaction between students: Students at all levels interact both ON SITE or online through ITAérea’s virtual platform. The different profiles among our students enrich a great group of professional fields with their knowledge and inherent skills but also connects directly a group of professionals with a common goal: the on-going improvement of their professional career.
  • Interaction teacher-student: It is not an easy task to be successful in the air transport sector. Therefore, there is no one better than our teachers who are all senior managers and top experts in the field to share their knowledge and experience with our students. The total number of students trained by ITAérea in the past 3 years can be broken down into continents as follows:
    • 4 regional headquarters (Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Argentina).
    • 7 business representations (Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Chile, Panama, Venezuela and Uruguay).
    • Online and in-class training in Spanish and Portuguese.
    • 75% of senior managers of airport managing bodies trained.
    • Main training provider for ACI LAC.
  • ASIA:
    • In-class training on air navigation thanks to our agreement with Jet One Academy.
    • Exchange programme for Asian pilots and air traffic controllers.
    • Regional headquarters in Hong Kong.
    • Training in Portuguese for airport managers in Angola.
    • In-class training in the regional headquarters of Sao Tome and Principe.
    • In-class training in Equatorial Guinea.
    • 6 headquarters in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Alicante and Murcia).


Why study airport and aeronautical business management?

To clarify the answer to this question, we are going to answer the following questions which are strictly related to this one.

What is airport and aeronautical business management?

To sum up it is about administering and managing air transport businesses such as airports, airlinesair navigation management companies in its broadest sense (both for private airspace and control towers), aircrafts manufacturers and all other related companies acting as provider or customer.

It is not a technical training but on business organisation.

Where can I study airport and aeronautical business management?

When it comes to passing on real knowledge about how to manage or run an air transport company, the best and only way to do is through professional managers or directors in the airport and aeronautical sector.

Let’s give some examples:

  1. a) It shouldn’t be explained how an airport operates but how the operations department of an airport or airport operator should be managed.
  2. b) b) It shouldn’t be explained how the airport infrastructure should be maintained (that would be a technical issue) but how the maintenance should be arranged: budget, human resources, timings...
  3. c) The revenue of an airport company needn’t to be explained but how such a company can reach its profitability and how the finance department does it.

For this reason, we consider the general director or manager to be the best teacher since he/she is the only one holding the appropriate knowledge. However, that is only the starting point for us since her/his teaching skills will be audited by the academic department. Solely if he/she meets the first requirement.

That is the reason why airport and aeronautical business management shouldn’t be studied in any of the following places:

  1. a) General academic institutions whose teachers’ experience within the business world are extrapolated to the airport and aeronautical sector. This is a very specific sector with its own characteristics.
  2. b) Academic institutions specialized in technical training even in aeronautics, which use their teachers to prepare an ad hoc lecture on this topic. As we have already mentioned, the goal is not to explain the airport maintenance but how this department should be arranged. A good maintenance technician may hold an excellent lecture on maintenance but a dire class on airport management.
  3. c) At those institutions in which there are no managers of the airport and aeronautical field among their team.

Which previous university degrees are the most appropriate to enrol in a postgraduate degree on airport and aeronautical business management?

Definitely the most appropriate degree is airport and aeronautical business management but also degrees in aeronautical engineering, industrial or telecommunications engineering, road engineering and degrees in economics, business administration and law.

Employment, career opportunities, job prospects as airport and aeronautical business manager

Air transport is very international in its core and therefore dealing with an employment on airport and aeronautical business management should be done in a global context. There are several air travel companies worldwide due to the human need of commuting from one place to another and specially in those places with a big geographical spread and a significant offshoring of the urban centres.

Each air transport company is an employment source or career opportunity in airport and aeronautical business management. All of them have different departments which can be adequate depending on each person’s previous university studies: operations, maintenance, sales, marketing, finance, legal.

ITAerea Aeronautical Business School:

  1. a) Is present internationally. For that reason, our students have access to international employment sources. Our regional representatives inform the central office of the available job vacancies to be offered among our students and alumni.
  2. b) Teachers are all sector managers and enable such job placement.
  3. c) Has been exclusively focused on airport and aeronautical business management over the past decade.


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