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Live e-learning training: another extra asset for ITAérea’s students


In 2010, ITAérea Aeronautical Business School began a process of implementing e-learning training in parallel with the development of face-to-face training that it had been providing since 2008.

This process responded to a clear objective of the School aimed at offering all our students globally a quality training, taught by high-level professionals, available 24 hours a day, etc. Throughout the years, different phases associated with this process have been planned and executed in which the simplicity of handling and the interactivity of the virtual campus and the academic materials has always been key to our students. To date, in 2021, ITAérea Aeronautical Business School has a highly professionalized and advanced methodology that also includes live sessions with all our teachers every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the time that best suits the reality of our students.


Advantages of live e-learning training

Regardless of the circumstances or geographical location of our students, live e-learning training give them the possibility of connecting to a virtual room with ITAérea students from anywhere in the world.

Students interact with each other and, of course, with our teachers, the epicenter of the virtual room. Therefore, debate at the highest level and interaction between people with a common goal and background are encouraged. The live sessions bring dynamism to the training, awakening the curiosity and motivation of the students by leaving the pre-established context. The possibilities of sharing multimedia resources are multiplying exponentially; ideas are exchanged quickly and effectively, time and travel is saved, etc.

On a technical level, live e-learning training is possible thanks to high-quality video and audio equipment, as well as the use of the latest streaming and videoconferencing applications available on the market.

On a human level, the support team of the ITAérea Business School, led by Mr. Sergio Guirado, Director of IT and new technologies at the School, coordinates and supervises all the agents involved in the live e-learning training with the aim that the student does not have more to concentrate in the class.

Next, we would like to highlight some of the training programs of ITAérea Aeronautical Business School whose students benefit from all the advantages offered by the e-learning modality and more specifically by the live e-learning training with our teachers:




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