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Enrique Fabrizio

Enrique Fabrizio

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Alfonsina Storni 41, B1802ARA Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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+34 902 505 501


Headquarters’ additional information

The presence of a main airport operator in Argentina such as Corporación America (AA2000) and the air company Aerolíneas Argentinas, motivated the Business School executive team to create the Argentinian headquarters.

Due to the vast area of Argentina, the main initial problem was to decide where to establish it. The partnership with the State University of Ezeiza resolved this initial dilemma, and there everything started.

ITAérea Argentina is probably the School international headquarters that has trained more senior executives from the aeronautical and airport sector, not only in quantitative terms, but also in qualitative terms. Proportionately, a great part of airport and air company executives from all the territory have been trained with ITAérea.

The corporate social responsibility plan of ITAérea includes important benefits for certain Argentinian groups of people.

ITAérea Argentina frequently participates in events and exhibitions in different places across the country, and organizes face-to-face specific seminars.

The Republic of Argentina, simply known as Argentina, is a sovereign country of South America located in the south eastern tip of such subcontinent. It is established as a democratic, republican, for representative and federal government.

Argentina is organized as a decentralized federal state, made up of one national state and 24 jurisdictional districts: 23 counties and an autonomous city, Buenos Aires, designated as the federal capital of the country. Each district has political autonomy, constitutions, and their own flag and retains all powers not delegated to the national State.