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WEBINAR 3 febrero 1024x671 - Webinar. Airport infrastructures: capacity problems

Webinar. Airport infrastructures: capacity problems


Tomorrow, February 3, a virtual conference will be hosted by Mr. Eduardo Coll, Managing Director at Leadin Aviation Consulting and teacher at ITAérea in the Master in Sustainable Air Transport Management taught jointly with the United Nations.

In this virtual talk, Mr. Eduardo will explain to our students how to manage capacity at airport infrastructures and its metric, how to deal with bottlenecks at airports, how to perform the analysis of capacity and demand, the increasing capacity, etcetera.

Over the next few weeks, a series of virtual conferences have been planned that cover all the areas included in air transport management: airportsairlines and auxiliary companiesair lawair navigationaeronautical industryaeronautical safety, etc.

These sessions, taught equally in both Spanish and English, are aimed at establishing direct contact and interaction of students with the main actors in the sector, the teachers of ITAérea.

In the coming weeks we will be informing about all the virtual conferences that will be held on the ITAérea virtual platform.


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