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Management Team

Rafael Márquez

Rafael Márquez

Contact Data


Parque Tecn. y Aeronáutico de Andalucía Aerópolis. C/ Ingeniero Rafael Rubio Elola nº 1, 1ª. 41300 La Rinconada, Sevilla

Phone number:

+34 902 505 501


Headquarters’ additional information

The setting of ITAerea’s headquarters in Seville is certainly idyllic. It is located right in the Technological Park Aeróplis which is one of the centres of Spanish aeronautical industry, just 10 km away from the airport of Seville.

  • It is the only Technological-Scientifical Park in Europe completely focused on the aerospace industry.
  • It is a model to follow for companies willing to do business in Europe, together with Airbus FAL located in the south of the park.
  • Business community with over 80 aerospace companies.
  • Goal: to promote business of the companies located within the park by providing them with competitive advantages and to welcome new enterprises and projects by managing infrastructure and available settings there.

Regarding the airport of Seville, the current number of received passengers is around 5 million.

Sevilla is both a Spanish municipality and a city. It is the capital of the Andalusia’s Autonomous Community and its province holds the same name. There were 690 566 inhabitants in 2016 and therefore, it is Andalusia’s most populated city, the fourth in Spain after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia and the thirty-second in the EU. The municipality stretches out over 140.8 km². Seville’s metropolitan area is made up of 46 municipalities, including a population of 1,535.379 inhabitants (INE, 2016) and stretches over 4905.04 km².