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The collaboration between ITAérea and AEROHELP allows for joint projects that serve teaching, research and dissemination of the culture in aviation and air legislation, as well as any activity that directly or indirectly relates to this objective.

ITAérea provides Aerohelp with training on areas in which this institution has no presence, such as airports, airlines, air navigation and the aeronautical industry. Aerohelp, in turn, gives presence to ITAérea in a territory in which it had not previously.

In the words of Mr. José Ignacio Escudero, General Director of ITAérea, "this agreement supports the training development plan in English started two years ago and that counts as the central pillar with the agreement of ITAérea with the United Nations".

For his part, Oleg Aksamentov, Director of the Aerohelp training school, stated that “we have signed an agreement with ITAérea for three reasons mainly: for its international focus (training in English), because it develops training in areas in which we do not develop and for the important teaching faculty that it counts with“.