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Management team

Romel Owene Tao

Contact data


Aeropuerto de Benguele, Angola

Phone number:

+34 902 505 501


Información Adicional de la Sede

Similarly to the Guinea representation, ITAérea Angola has primarily trained executives of first-class air transport companies. These executives wanted this type of training to manage airport infrastructures using European updated tools.

The economic changes in the country during 2015 and 2016 prevented the implementation of the approved strategic plan, but undoubtedly this will be resumed, given the potential of the country and the strong determination of the executives to advance knowledge.

As in Brazil, Angola is another country where ITAérea has developed training in the local language.

Angola, officially known as Republic of Angola, is a country located to the south of Africa. It borders with Namibia to the south, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo to the north, and Zambia to the east, while to the west it borders the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is Luanda and at the north of the country is the Cabinda enclave, which shares borders with the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.